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Happy Distribution as the main distributor of mierEdu, welcome you to join our new toy wholesaler's website. We are a design-led company of educational toy based in Melbourne Australia. We specialise in designing and manufacturing educational toys for children aged 0-8 years. We concentrate on our philosophy of “Basic Toys, Better Play”, and set our goal to be making the most enjoyable play and helping children to develop their milestones. Most importantly, we strive to offer affordable prices to all the parents on these well-designed and educational toys.


Product Line

Regarding the best development in children’s early year play-based education, our products focus on the ACE theory and are categorised into Active, Creative and Educational perspectives.

Vision and Mission

With Happy Distribution, we commit to motivate our little ones with modern aesthetics, as well as inspire more parents and children to create a smarter way of playing that builds a better foundation for lifelong learning.

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