Magnetic Play Set - Food Puzzle

Brand: Happy Distribution


Minimum Order: 3 Units

RRP: $19.99


  • This magnetic play set is highly portable and fun in a food puzzle theme. Composed of 34 magnets and 8 cue cards, this toy allows kids to use their imagination to make up a interesting meal using various pieces of vegetable and fruit puzzle magnets. Through this fun activity, kids are likely to be encouraged.


  • ideal for playing on the go
  • develops fine motor skills
  • stimulate imagination
  • perfect for age 3+
  • quality and eco-friendly materials, printed with vegetable inks
  • conforms to high standards of safety

Developmental Core

  • Cognition
  • Imagination
  • motor


  • Brand: mierEdu
  • Item: Magnetic Play Set – Food Puzzle
  • Item NO.: SPB073
  • Category: Creative Toy
  • Material: Paper
  • Package: 24.9*24.1*0.6cm
  • Include: 1 play set | 34 magnets | 8 cards
  • Age: 3+
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